Main Project Aesthetics – Plans and Alternatives

After looking for some inspiration and doing some research, I decided on making my project fit into a utilitarian aesthetic. To me, this means that the design should be simple and straightforward while also providing a lot of functionality and use.

This aesthetic involves a simple look and could mean “what you see is what you get”. Following this aesthetic idea, I plan on using wooden dowels for the legs of the chair and using paracord to weave the seat to give the project extra functionality. The design I plan for doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look “aesthetically pleasing” rather I’d consider my vision of my project to be more rugged or more DIY look.

A look similar to this in respect to the legs but for the seat, I plan on using paracord and weaving it.

Another option would be the modern or “pinterest” aesthetic. This would mean that the chair would actually be pleasing to look at but will only act as a chair. This takes away from my idea to provide more functionality but would look better in the end. It would be a sacrifice of functionality for beauty. With this aesthetic in mind, I would use wooden dowels for the legs that would be polished and stained. I would also use a cutout piece of leather for the seat instead to give it a more “pinterest” aesthetic.

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  • Emily Jordan
    May 2, 2020 8:03 pm

    This is such a cool idea. I really like the fact that the chair is split in thirds; it’s unique and structurally sound! Did you end up going down this path? Do you think you’ll come back to this in the future?


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