Aesthetic Roots

[1] Craftsman Style Home

While I was raised in Colorado, my aesthetic roots don’t fall within the Craftsman aesthetic (a common aesthetic for Colorado). Rather, I was exposed to Scandinavian design at a young age as it was something that my parents always touted as the best design. My uncle’s house was actually the biggest inspiration to me. It has all white kitchen cabinets that push to open and the fridge is even flush with the rest of the cabinets. They also have a huge focus on minimalism and a “only keep what brings you joy” kind of attitude.

[2] Scandinavian Style Home

Everything in my house growing up always had its spot it a place that was tucked away from everything else. This made sure that the everything was not only picked up, but also hidden away from sight.

Furthermore, a lot of my house growing up was neutral colored. There were occasional splashes of bright colors in paintings or accent items, but it was never the entire room.

[3] “Everything is hidden and yet visible”

I think now, it has helped me maintain a somewhat clean exterior on my home. Even if there is a ton of junk, it all can be stored somewhere convenient and accessible and hidden from the eye’s view. Yet at the same time, it is still visible. Everything is put on a container and Scandinavian design focuses a lot on shelving. Then the container is placed on the shelf.

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  • Max Armstrong
    May 2, 2020 3:55 pm

    I think that there is a lot to like about this style! I really like the way that you presented it, where you can have all kinds of junk, but as long as everything is in its assigned place, then there is nothing to worry about! Do you find yourself channeling this aesthetic when decorating your house/ apartment? It is always fun examining your aesthetic roots and seeing the ways that it seeps into your own style choices and every day life. Also I’m wondering how this influences your main project for this semester.

    As much as I like the unobtrusive style, I think that there is something to be said about having at least one room in a house that it totally crazy, but that is just me!


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