Summing Up 2020

UpCycle Project summary: I chose an aesthetic and used recycled products to build something reminiscent of that aesthetic.  I started to make a sun-catcher out of recycled mirror and colored glass, but the project morphed into a candle holder/cover made from recycled Christmas ornaments. 

Final Project summary: I took the opposite route of the UpCycle Project.  I chose a nightstand and wood, which limited my aesthetic options.  From there, the nightstand details stemmed from my technical abilities and the chosen aesthetic.  Due do Covid-19 limited resources, I had to make a virtual model instead of a physical model, but the design process remained the same. 

Below are links to posts from those two projects:

Final Project Part 2:  What next? 
Final Project part 1 – Nightstand 
Main project Construction Update 
Aesthetic Roots: A Mix 
Favorite Youtube design/build videos 2020 – PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY 
Design Review 2020 Part 2: Timeline and Logistics 
Design Review Part 1 – night stand 
Main Project – Top 5 constraints 
Main project aesthetics – plans and alternatives 
Final Project Inspirations – Something useful 
Upcycle Final Report: Portable Northern Lights 
Upcycle Progress – Northern Lights 
Upcycle Inspiration: Aurora Borealis 
Aesthetic Explorations 2020 – Biomimicry


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