Top 5 Constraints: Desk Toy

Top 5 Constraints

  1. Size The size of the box is difficult to grasp. It cannot be to big, otherwise it’s purpose as a desk toy does not work. Plus an increase in size means an increase of resources.
  2.  AestheticThe specific Aesthetic theme is hard to nail down. The difficulty is how the top of the box will exactly look. Whether or not I want to invest in getting it machine or making something more home-made.
  3.  Moving PlatformBy far the hardest constrain is the moving platform. The mechanism for moving the platform is not easy to construct or design. If all else fail making a hand rank out of wire may be easier and faster (prototyping especially). This will make it easier on money and time.
  4. Object and RailsThe moving object and it’s rails are not easy for my project either. It’s difficult to design and has had very little to no luck with the previous prototype. It’ll be important to come up with more plans in case I cannot get the moving platform and the object on rails working.
  5. ToolsThe tools I have access to are numbered. Especially for the difficulty of the build I strive for. I thankfully have the jewelry tools for the pattern on the side of the walls. I will struggle with the moving platform.
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