Futuristic Aesthetic Exploration

Ahead its Time | Out of this World | A Vision from the Future

[  This aesthetic explores what products, clothing, and artifacts might look like if they were sent back in time from 2097  ]


This interior design by Tétris perfectly captures the hyper-modern aesthetic. The abstract elements and shapes and life to an otherwise empty, lackluster space. Prominent elements are concrete, glass, glossy white finishes and metallic elements. Lights are well incorporated into the design throughout the space. Minimalism is incorporated with a touch of an industrial and “high tech” feel.


While not exclusive to this fashion style, Techwear lends itself well to the futuristic aesthetic. Black and white are the most common colors with a focus on straps and accessories. Masks are often featured, which is certainly to be expected for futuristic outfits as outbreaks and air quality worsen.


Its impossible to talk about futurism without mentioning the Cyberpunk genre. These neon colors and futuristic city scrapes have become synonymous with futuristic themes as made popular by Bladerunner, Ghost In The Shell, and similar films/books. Typically, blues, pinks, purples and oranges make these images pop off the screen and draw the viewer in. Often, elements evident in the previous two examples go hand-in-hand with this genre, such as concrete, creatively implemented lighting, etc.  (Images by the incredible @abeastinside)




[ Image Links ]

Hi-tech Office Design – Ray Service – Tetris-db (tetris-db.com)

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E-Jay | 张毅杰 (@abeastinside) • Instagram photos and videos

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  • Hi Brayden,
    You have chosen some interesting pictures to show Futuristic aesthetic exploration. I could not help but notice the use of recessed lighting in a false ceiling in most of the indoor visual of this aesthetic. I believe that lighting plays an important role when it comes to imagining the futuristic interior architecture. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Brayden Shelley
      February 1, 2021 11:07 am

      Hi Ankit, thanks for your comment! I totally agree that lighting plays an important role. From a lot of what I have seen, the lighting very much differs from the traditional light bulb in the ceiling or florescent panel. The lights become an aspect of the space just as much as any other element. The recessed lighting is just one way to incorporate this, but I think its a good one since it makes the light have a seamless look with the wall/ ceiling.

  • Brayden, awesome exploration of what our future might look and feel like. I really like the images you chose, they particularly emphasizes the futuristic ideals of simplicity and stark contrast, and sometimes bright color. I would love to see a more in depth exploration of futuristic architecture itself. The design by Tetris while simple seems to make very efficient use of space and material. I think one could write an entire blog post just on that. Why are masks often featured in futuristic clothing design? Is that something that came about after COVID-19 hit, or is it an idea that came before the pandemic?

    • Brayden Shelley
      February 1, 2021 11:17 am

      Hi Jake, thanks for you comment! Definitely agree that the entire blog post could be just about the architecture. There’s so many aspects of it, I’m sure this whole blog post could just be about light incorporation in futuristic architecture!!

      In regards to the masks, I have seen this a lot even before the pandemic. I think it stems a bit more from Asian culture (where masks are more common even without this pandemic) in combination with dystopian view in a sense. Also, space suits generally require masks, so it makes sense that masks (or more rather helmets?) would be common in a space-bearing future.


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