Cardboard Upcycling

For my Upcycle project I will be using primarily cardboard. The aesthetic that I will be going for is a modern car look. I am going to use the cardboard and cut out pieces and try to mimic the look of a body supercar. In the following pictures you can see some examples of some that have already been made.

Lamborghini Huracan by Smart Gear [1]

Lamborghini Egoista by Smart Gear [2]

I think that it will be cool to take something such as cardboard and be able to create a functional model car and the  materials that I will be using in this will be cardboard, paint and glue.




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  • Ryan,
    This is a really great idea to upcycle some cardboard. Were you thinking of cutting the cardboard by hand or using a laser cutter? I think if you decided to use a laser cutter, you could get more of that supercar look because of the precise cuts. Either way, I think this is going to turn out looking really good.

    • Hi! I play on just cutting it by hand but did not think about using a laser cutter to get more precise cuts. That is a great idea and I may end up doing that.

  • Cool Idea Ryan, i’m excited to see how it comes out. The Egoista is a super cool car, it would be cool to see if you could recreate the pop up canopy too if you decided to try to make it. Have you picked a car to model yet? Also, by functional model, do you mean that the cars will have working wheels and lights maybe?

    • Hi Jake, By functional I mean having working doors and wheels but I did not think about doing lights. For the model I was thinking either the Egoista or the Aventador.


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