Neutral Earthy Aesthetic

For my upcycle project, I wanted to explore a neutral earthy aesthetic. This aesthetic often includes light, neutral colors, organic or naturally occurring materials, and a mix of bohemian and minimalist styles.

I often see this aesthetic in interior design and home décor, usually expressed through light walls, wooden furniture, mirrors, plants, decorative organic materials (twigs, shells, driftwood), and accents incorporating warm colors (rugs, blankets, tapestries, wall hangings).

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In particular, plants make up a large defining feature of this aesthetic. Either live plants (potted, hanging, vase), or plant inspired decorations (decorative twigs, driftwood, sprigs of herbs or wildflowers) are often found in a neutral earthy aesthetic. However the color scheme of this aesthetic is never harsh, dark, or intensely vibrant. Softer colors, gentle forest greens, neutrals, and gentle pastels are more common. Wood itself as a material is also a defining feature of this aesthetic– often all furniture is made of wood (tables, chairs, picture frames, bed frames).

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I want to incorporate this design by using copper wire to create a wire sculpture that will represent this aesthetic. I think the color of the copper wire would be the perfect way to tie into this, and I will sculpt organic shapes to go with the aesthetic. Some of the photos I looked at to find inspiration included art with copper and wood, sculptures of earthy materials, and hanging art.

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The materials I plan to upcycle are insulated copper wire (owned from previous projects, I intend to strip the wire), bare copper wire (also owned from previous projects), and stereo wire (borrowed from a friend). I also plan to upcycle an old wooden frame to mount the sculpture in. I chose this material because I was inspired by the color. The subject of the sculpture I want to be natural and organic, which I think will harmonize with the metal medium.

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  • Hi Jillian,

    I love the boho vibes you’re putting out in this post! Is that the style that you generally go for in your own spaces? One thing I love about interior design is that one piece doesn’t usually define a space. I’m not only curious to see what you make in the end, but it would also be cool to see it in a really fitting space.
    I’m curious if you will be using anything besides the copper to create your sculpture? Since copper is fairly soft I would think that it might change its shape over time if you do not. That might also be cool though, because real organic objects change through time.

    • Jillian Weber
      March 10, 2021 11:30 am

      Thanks James!
      I appreciate that feedback! I think that this is a style that I do emulate in my own spaces, to a smaller extent. Rather than a whole room themed this way, I would decorate a few small spaces for example. As far as materials, I’m going to try to stick with as much copper as I can! I am using a reasonably stiff wire so I don’t think it will change shape, but I hadn’t thought of that, thank you for pointing it out!

  • Hi Jillian,

    I think that these neutral, natural colors go really well with the color of copper. To me, copper has all of the cool aspects of a part being metal, but the color itself almost says that it is not as functional as other metals – it comes off more aesthetically pleasing than anything. What kind of organic shapes are you thinking of modeling for this? I think that you could create a beautiful juxtaposition by creating an organically-occurring shape with copper. The imagery of seeing something, like a bonsai tree, made out of metal, is such a cool aesthetic – I’m excited to see what the final product looks like!

    • Jillian Weber
      February 8, 2021 4:34 pm

      Thanks Chris! I was thinking of modeling some leaves or plants, similar to what you mentioned. I’ll have to see how long it takes me to flesh out a vision/product that I like, but I’m thinking of making it pretty modular so it can grow in kind of an organic way. For sure a plant of some sort!


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