Upcycle Sailing

I am looking at doing an upcycle of sailing. Sailing is already an environmentally friendly activity as it uses the wind as propulsion, so to me it seems fitting to upcycle some useless metal i have laying around into a lamp. I would like to be able to turn a sheet of metal into a sail with wind in it. We will see how it turns out! I am excited.

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  • Amanda Tetrault
    April 26, 2021 7:30 pm

    Hi Peter,
    I liked how you associated sailing with the environmental aspect of wind. I am interested to see how the metal sail turns out. How do you plan to embody the motion of wind with a sheet of metal? I really like how you are bringing your outside hobby inside so you can enjoy it all the time!

  • I like the way you have described how you will incorporate the aesthetic into your project. Are there any specific ways you will incorporate into your design?


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