Bicycle Wheel Upcycling

For my upcycle project, I am planning on using a damaged bicycle wheel. This Idea originates from a few months back when I damaged the front wheel of my bicycle to a point where it was no longer functional. I’ve already installed a new wheel on my bike, so this damaged wheel has been sitting in my garage for a couple of months now, so I decided to upcycle it into something useful. After doing some research, I realized that there are an incredible amount of things people have previously designed a bicycle wheel into. I saw designs that ranged everything from lamps and tables to benches and tables.

My idea is to combine a few things that have appeared throughout different designs and make a unique product. I have not finalized precisely what I will build, but it will be something that involves lights(probably RGB) and a bike wheel. I did see designs that involved turning the wheel into a clock, which I actually like a lot so I might go down that route. If I decide to make a clock design, I want it to stand out from the plenty of others that have already been designed. I plan on doing that by implementing some unique designs involving different color schemes. I will also make the clock hands into a unique design using some leftover plywood or laser-printing cardboard.

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  • Hello Rohan,

    I really like how you are taking a round object and placing it into a shape or structure that is inherently suppoed to be square! Super cool aesthetic.

  • Sohan,

    I really like this idea for a project! My brother crashed his bike a while back and the front wheel folded, and I told him he should make it into an art piece! Have you considered combining your two ideas and making an RGB clock? I think that would be a super cool idea to make it stand out. Also, If you end up making a clock, will you be using the whole wheel?

  • Hi Rohan,

    I think this is a super cool idea for a project! What are you planning to use to cut the wheels into the desired shape? Or maybe you’ll use the whole wheel, depending on what you decide to make. Also, are you planning to make something that can actually be used or is it just going to be for decorating purposes? I think it’d be cool either way.


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