Upcycle Progress: Cardboard Rocket Ship

The first step of creating a cardboard rocket ship is to obtain flat cardboard pieces. So I have disassembled one of my cardboard boxes into several moderately sized pieces. The first part I decided to make is the body of the ship. The body will be a hexagon prism, so I would need 6 identical cardboard pieces. Based on the size of the cardboard pieces that I have, I decided to make the body 10 inches tall, and each of the 6 sides will be 2.5 inches wide.

I then used my ruler and pen to draw cutting lines on the flat pieces to make sure that each pieces that make up the body of the ship would be as close to identical as possible.

The next step in creating the body of the ship would be to cut cardboard into 6 same-sized pieces and put them together to make a hexagon prism using glue.  The top portion of the ship can be created with the same method used to create the body but with triangular pieces instead of rectangular pieces. The body and the top would give me the general shape of the rocket ship, but I will need to think of more features to add to the ship to make it more unique.


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  • I am also doing a project with cardboard and it was actually pretty hard to get identical pieces to build the body of the main piece. Do you plan on making additional boosters on the side or just the main ship? I think having boosters will make it look really cool as well as painting it. I am excited to see how this will turn out!

  • This sounds like a very interesting project and I am excited to see what it looks like when finished. I particularly like the selection of cardboard for construction since its very versatile. One question that I have is if you are planning to paint the cardboard after assembly? This could be a way to even better capture the rocket ship look.


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