Upcycle Progress: Polaroid Picture Frame

Utilizing the feedback I received from the original Upcycling Aesthetics post I have decided to alter my original thoughts for my final artifact. I will still be making a polaroid picture frame utilizing old wooden hockey sticks and chicken wire. However, it was made evident to me that I should add more of a modern touch to my artifact to further create the aesthetic of combining a retro and modern aesthetic. From the feedback I received, it was suggested I should add a glossy finish to the wooden frame, or to incorporate lighting to the frame.

After absorbing the feedback, I decided to maintain the matte and muted finish of the wooden frame, and decided to add LED’s to create a backlit LED polaroid picture frame similar to what is pictured above. With this, the finish of the wooden sticks will still maintain the class / retro aesthetic while the LED backlighting will further create the relationship I will be aiming for. The feedback provided to me is very valuable and will be utilized accordingly. I am anxious to see what the final artifact will become.

For general assembly purposes of my picture frame. I will be utilizing a nail or staple gun to assemble the frame. For the chicken wire used to hold different polaroids, I will be using an electric staple gun to attach the wire. As for the stand, I will be hot gluing two separate hockey pucks to the bottom of the assembled frame. Once this has been finished I will then use a battery powered LED strip with adhesive properties to the back face of the frame. The LED strip however is not upcycled, but LED strips are relatively inexpensive so I am none too worried about the cost associated with purchasing these from Amazon. 

Image sources:

Feature image: https://www.rollingstone.com/product-recommendations/electronics/best-led-strip-lights-882314/ Original creator: Shutterstock / Creativan

https://ledwindowdisplay.com/c1/ Saved from the company’s website.

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  • Bryce Gallo
    March 7, 2021 6:47 pm

    Hi Hunter, this looks like a really cool project. I looked at your final report already, but my question would have been how much light do you want from the LED’s and will you be able to control that? I really like how the hockey pucks looked in the final product as well.

  • I really like this addition of the LED lights to your picture frame. I think it will add perfectly to the aesthetic you are replicating while also providing a more interesting final product. I was wondering how big you planned on making this picture frame. Will it be smaller for something like a desk or do you plan on designing it to hang on a wall? Also, if you wanted to continue to add to the modern lighting style, you could find a piece of scrap metal and paint it white to use as the backdrop. That way you could hold your pictures on with magnets so they could almost seem as though they are floating.


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