Rocket Upcycle Progress Update

Progress for my upcycle project has been moving along at a good pace. I spent the majority of the previous week planning the finalized design for my build as well as acquiring all the materials that will be necessary.  My plan is to cut out multiple faces of the Saturn V rocket out of cardboard, then paint on the designs for each face, and then assemble them into one unit. For the platform and crane, I am just planning on cutting pieces of wood to appropriate sizes and painting them to look better.

This is a sketch of the design I will be working off of. The rocket will be split into different faces so that when it is cut out it can be assembled to form a circular object.

These are the materials I will be building with. The Saturn V will be cut out of the cardboard and painted to have the correct design.

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  • I like the design of the Saturn V rocket in your drawings! I am curious to see how you manage to make the rocket a circular object from flat cardboard pieces. Do you plan to cut these by hand or with a laser cutter? Great progress!

    • Hey Alex, my plan is to cut six identical pieces out of cardboard and then combine them in a hexagonal shape. I will be making the cuts using a X-acto knife.

  • Natalie Jagelski
    February 15, 2021 9:15 am

    This sounds like a cool project – it’s awesome that you’re using pretty simple and inexpensive materials like cardboard and paint! What kind of paint are you planning on using? And what will you use to hold all of the pieces together – glue? Nice progress so far!

    • Hey Natalie, I just bought some white acrylic paint to do the main coloring and then some paint pens to add in the detail. My plan is to either use tape or glue to hold all the pieces together.


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