Main Project: Thanos’ Gauntlet

For the main project in our class I have had some trouble figuring out what I wanted to do but I have an initial idea of what I want to do. I have been watching the Avengers series recently, and began to think about how I could possibly make Thanos’ gauntlet from Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. The inspiration for this project comes from my interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I have watched the movies in the MCU multiple times now and with COVID it gives me an extra excuse to watch them. For some of those who haven’t seen the past couple Avengers movies there is an image of Thanos’ gauntlet posted below. 

Some questions I have for this project are what material I could make it out of. Originally I was thinking about using some sort of metal, but the intricate design work would be way out of my comfort zone and artistic ability. Also, I intend for this to fit around my hand and move with my hand for the dynamic aspect for this project. One other dynamic aspect I was thinking about was to add some lighting behind the jewels to make them look more like the infinity stones in the movies. I still have some thinking to do when it comes to making the gauntlet mobile and not just a decoration. However, I am interested to see what kind of aesthetic this represents and how I can make it as accurate as possible. 


Image sources:

Featured image: (from Pinterest)

Image 1: (taken from the website)

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  • Hi Hunter, I’m also a fan of the MCU so I think that making Thanos’ Gauntlet is a super cool project idea. One of the things that make the Infinity Gauntlet stands out are the stones themselves, so I was wondering what you were planning to use for the stones?

  • Hannah Moller
    March 5, 2021 11:18 am

    Hey Hunter, I am excited to see how you go about creating this. I know that some people model using foam, cardboard, or leather fabric for their overall shape then use whatever is necessary to get the details in. Then at the end they spray paint or detail paint with small brushes to get the desired affect. Making something like this out of metal is definitely an option but I think cost and tooling might come into play a bit. You could also consider using 3D printing as an option too.


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