My Personal Aesthetic: Active Outdoors

In this blog post, I’ll be talking briefly about my own personal aesthetic, which has been molded by the activities I undertake. As mentioned in previous blog posts, two of my favorite activities are snowboarding and dirt biking.

My personal aesthetic is unique since it is a mix of the two vastly different aesthetics. I’d probably sum up my personal aesthetic as “active outdoors” since it covers a lot of the activities I take part in. On top of snowboarding and dirt biking, I grew up by the beach, so I have a lot of “Southern California” vibes in my personal aesthetic. I love brands like Hurley, Salty Crew, Burton, Fox, and Troy Lee Designs.

Troy Lee Designs, a dirtbike/mountain-bike outfitter, has had a significant impact on my personal aesthetic since I ride in Troy Lee Designs riding gear. Below is an image of some riding gear I bought from them. The bright contrast is something that I love, but even more so, it matches the color of my dirtbike.

The orange and blue match the color of my dirtbike, which is a bright orange, similar to the above photo. Although I love riding, I almost love the aspect of finding the perfect outfit to match either my bike, helmet, or anything else that I’m riding with, just as much (okay, definitely not as much as riding). The theme of not being afraid to wear bright colors is something that I carry throughout my aesthetic, whether I’m in the desert riding motorcycles or in the mountains snowboarding. Below is an image of a Las Vegas Raiders jacket that I love to wear while snowboarding – not only is it extremely easy to see, I love the silver-on-white color combination.

As you probably would guess by seeing any of my previous posts, I’m a huge fan of the Las Vegas Raiders, so I love showing off my love for them by wearing apparel. I usually pair my bright-colored outfits with more neutral colors. Below is an image of me skiing while wearing this jacket – the jacket itself is what stands out the most about my whole outfit.

Other than the jacket, there is not too much about my outfit that grabs the eye, which is the whole point of my outfit selection. I also love the design of my snowboard, so this outfit also places more focus on the colors in the design of the snowboard, rather than me.

When it comes to street clothes, I’m pretty basic – I usually only wear khaki or black pants, maybe some jeans, and then a shirt of my choice. Depending on my pant selection, I usually go for a more colorful shirt. As I said above, I like wearing colored shirts with more contrast – I like wearing green, pink, white, light blue, and grey when I’m not feeling like contrasting my colors so much. With my shirts, I don’t really wear shirts with really elaborate designs. I prefer shirts with either a singular logo or a simple design; in this way, I’m somewhat minimalist when it comes to the selection of outfits that define my aesthetic. I like to let the colors and logos speak for themselves, giving everyone else who sees me a chance to infer what I might like or what drives me to choose the way that I dress.


TLD Riding Gear

Raiders Jacket

Snowboarding pic: Me

Featured Image

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  • Hey Chris,

    It was very interesting to learn about the influences on your personal aesthetic! Knowing you, being from SoCal and loving outdoor sports definitely come through the most in your personal aesthetic. I also loved that you included the Raiders jacket, its a very classic Chris piece. Does this personal aesthetic have any influence on your final project?

  • Erik Skooglund
    March 15, 2021 2:48 am

    Hey Chris, very cool post! I like that you chose to focus in on clothing as an aesthetic, and it makes sense how you relate it to your favorite activities. It will be interesting to see how this aesthetic comes through in your final project. Do you think that you will attempt to apply this colorful yet minimalist aesthetic to your project?


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