My Personal Aesthetic – Neon Aesthetic

I think my personal aesthetic stems from my personal choice of music as well as my other hobbies such as gaming. If you google “gaming” and go to images, immediately you see bright colors against a dark background. RGB lighting, pink, blue, all neon colors that POP in the dark. I have always enjoyed how neon colors look against a dark background,  and this is big in EDM. I listened to EDM back since I was in middle school and I remember wanting phat pants in middle school which are basically big pants with reflective tape that are bright in color. (super expensive so in no way did I ever get any)

source: Custom made Phat pants ideal for clubs raves shuffling etc | Etsy

Basically, these pants were heavily used for “shuffling” a dance that is pretty well known. They are also considered raver pants but are more outdated today. Nonetheless, I was obsessed with them and today I enjoy the same aesthetic. My room has LED lights, my keyboard lights up in all colors, my wallpapers are all dark backgrounds with neon lights. Luckily enough, gaming also has a lot of lighting and RGB. I enjoy neon colors against a dark background and in my room, I have a blacklight that really shines on the colors in my room. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture and I am in my dorm at Boulder so I can’t post one yet.

I think this aesthetic was really prevalent in arcades in the ’90s and stems from that, the neon colors at arcades are what comes to my mind. Gaming and neon colors go hand in hand and I think it is to capture a bigger audience and make it seem playful. Kind of how toys for babies come in all kinds of colors to grab attention.


Oddly enough, my sense of fashion is not similar to my personal aesthetic even though I really wanted those phat pants. On a normal day, I wear mainly black or pastel-colored tops with darker bottoms. My shoes only range from gray, white, and black. However, I do own sports clothing which does come in bright colors like bright pink or red, or blue.


I want to incorporate my personal aesthetic into my final project so it will most likely involve neon lighting and a dark background. I am thinking about creating a logo for my user using neon lighting since I do stream on twitch for the CU Boulder COD Esports team. I want to incorporate moving lights sort of how an arcade would be with the different patterns.  I think this will fit in well with my aesthetic, however, I am unsure of what logo I want to make for myself. I will incorporate gaming and raver aesthetics into the design.

I want to create something similar to this but with a black background and I want to incorporate flashing lights to create the illusion of movement. All while showing my user for my twitch. I think the neon aesthetic is great for this and definitely defines the type of person I am.

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  • Brayden Shelley
    March 15, 2021 2:10 pm

    Those pants are sick. I really like this aesthetic as a whole. You said your fashion style doesn’t match your aesthetic very well (at least in terms of fashion) and i’m wondering why not? If you could incorporate it into your fashion style, what types of clothing articles do you think you would add?

    • Hi Brayden,

      I think part of it is due to pricing, I know that those kinds of pants are definitely pricy. More so, I think a lot of it has to do with the style being outdated. If I wore bright neon colors It would be considered retro from the 80’s/90’s which is more for special occasions in my opinion like themed parties, halloween etc. I think neon colors wouldn’t fit me for a casual outfit, but I do enjoy the color scheme and aesthetic in my environment like my room and devices.

  • Hey Alex,

    I enjoyed reading about your personal aesthetic. I think that I can relate to dressing in dark colors but enjoying bright neons in my environment. Sometimes the good ol dark clothes are simple and easy. If you could go back in time to celebrate and era do you think you’d go back to the 90’s arcades?

    • Hey Ben,

      Definitely, not just because I like the aesthetic but I also love video games and arcade games. The aesthetic along with arcade games sounds like a dream right now since we are in a pandemic haha.


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