For my final project, I want to make something that has a major engineering aspect to it. If possible, I want to incorporate metal into the design, but I know that’s going to be pretty difficult since most machine shops are pretty tough to access right now. If not metal, I will definitely plan on using wood/PLA. For the dynamic requirement of the project, I plan on having something that can rotate(for the turbine) and flow(for the fountain). I also want the project to have a functionality requirement on top of an aesthetic requirement, meaning I want the project to be able to have some functional use. These are some of the ideas I have about what projects I want to do.

initial Ideas:

  • Small-scale wind turbine
  • Water fountain using 3D printed parts

Small-scale wind turbine:

For this project, I am planning on purchasing an old DC motor(preferably one that has high torque) and attaching a few blades to the shaft of the motor, and connecting the power generated by the DC motor to a battery/power source to see how much power can I get out of it. I could either buy a DC motor separately, or I was thinking about purchasing a used ceiling fan and taking apart the DC motor and maybe modifying the blades to create a folded turbine blade design. Although this sounds easier, most likely, I won’t be able to use the blades that come with a ceiling fan due to their weight and bad design. I will try to find the blades on a different small fan that are plastic but if that is not possible, I plan on cutting(or 3D printing, if possible) the design of the blades out of some plastic material.

Water Fountain:

This project has not been as refined for me as the turbine but the main premise of the project is to use a buy a water pump and attach it to a water fountain that is 3D printed. In this project, I am able to focus more on the aesthetic portion since there are so many designs I could go with for the base of the fountain and I could probably add lights around the fountain(or add color die to the water) to make it suit an aesthetic.

[1] Motor 

[2] Turbine

[3] Fountian

[4] CoverImage

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