Neon Sign – Main Project Inspirations

Although I am not completely set on what details my final project will include, I am leaning towards making a neon light sign. I want to make a sign that contains my online user since I stream on twitch, but I also want a moving illusion with the lights flashing. An example of a simple sign I found online is shown below.


However, the neon sign will be more personal to me, fun fact: I play for the CU Esports Call of Duty team, my user is “Bugz” so that is what the sign will most likely say. I plan to add a neon aesthetic using blue and pink neon lights however I want to add a “moving” effect to the sign so that it isn’t a plain old sign. What I mean by moving is having the lights flash so that it looks like something is moving. Two examples are shown. One has the lights itself give the illusion of movement, and the other shows a lion’s mane blowing in the wind.


Source Left.

Source Lion:

I am unsure of what design is going to be optical illusion, but I know the main aesthetic will be Neon lighting using EL wire. I want to add a arcade like aesthetic with pink and blue lighting and have it function as a sign for my room with my user for when I stream on twitch for CU games.


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  • Amanda Tetrault
    April 26, 2021 8:08 pm

    Hi Alex!!
    It is nice that you are making something that reflects your interests and will be functional for you later. This sign will look awesome in your room at some point and I cannot wait to see how it turns out! I like the idea of having a simple design yet adding the moving lights for more interest and the dynamic aspect of this project. Will you be able to control the lights patterns (turn them to moving and also to solid)?


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