Design Preview: Thanos’ Gauntlet

I really enjoy watching Marvel movies, and have been recently thinking about acquiring some sort of memorabilia from the movies. I began thinking why purchase something when I can make something of value. The first thing that came to mind was creating Thanos’ Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War. 

The aesthetic I am envisioning for this artifact is a mix between space and norse aesthetics. In the image below the jewels within the gauntlet are glowing  and reflecting something that can be seen in space. Whereas the gauntlet itself portrays a more norse aesthetic given that it appears to have intertwined metal designs.

For the final artifact, I am going to be purchasing crafting foam, colored jewels corresponding to those in the gauntlet, battery  powered LED strip lights, and gold paint.  I am anticipating to create the gauntlet in separate pieces to allow for more mobility since it will be going onto my hand. The other dynamic aspect of the artifact will be the embedded lights. In the below images I demonstrate the separate pieces I will be creating using the crafting foam.

For adding the individual details to the design, I am thinking of using a pencil or pen to add “indents” to create the detail needed. Once each of the pieces have been assembled and designed, I am still thinking about a potential solution for putting each piece together. Once the gauntlet has been assembled, I will be using the same pencil or pen to create different holes where the jewels will be, and then line the interior of the gauntlet with the LED strip lights. For the battery pack itself, I am thinking of also embedding that into the interior more by the base (where my wrist would be. I have found some videos that will be giving me guidance in the assembly process. The sketches below signify the different sections I am anticipating on assembling.

Some other solutions I have for putting each piece together is with elastic cloth glued to the interior of the Gauntlet. The other I have found is by gluing individual ball LED lights to each stone being used. For the indents in the Gauntlet, maybe I could create stencils for pressing into the crafting foam.

The materials list for this project is as follows:

  • Crafting foam: 2 mm for the main gauntlet and thinner sheets for the fingers
  • Glue: combining pieces that will be wrapped
  • Jewels: 2 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 green
  • Elastic cloth: For attaching each of the separate sketched out pieces
  • Metallic gold paint
  • Exacto Knife: For making the stencils and holes for the ball LED’s
  • Scissors: For cutting out the stencils and the foam
  • Paper: For creating the stencils. 

The timeline for artifact assembly is also presented below. I am not anticipating long lead times for material since I will be purchasing from Amazon.

I am anticipating that the individual details may take a decent amount of time so I will plan to give myself ample time to finish my artifact. As long as my final artifact is mobile and reminiscent of the movie quality Gauntlet I will deem the project successful.

The Design Preview presentation and feedback session is also posted below.

Image sources:

Featured image: (from Pinterest) (taken from the website)

The timeline and sketches were created by me. 

The Design Preview Presentation and feedback session was recorded by me via Zoom.

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  • Hi Hunter,
    I’m also a fan of the MCU so I think this is a great project. The sketches you drew look awesome and I think the gauntlet will look fantastic if the actual parts end up looking like they do in the sketches. I read your first post and it seems like you’ve made some real progress since then, especially in the materials side of things. I can’t wait to see what the final product!

  • Hey Hunter!

    I think this idea is excellent and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I appreciate how you are planning on adding the individual details of the gauntlet by “etching” or indenting it in. I think it will add to the authenticity and bring out the fine detail of the gauntlet to the forefront. I hope you plan on using the gauntlet for some sick cosplay.


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