Main Project Aesthetics – Manufacturing or Trees Maybe both?

I have been exploring two different aesthetics for the last couple weeks and I am interested in them both. The first aesthetic that I am exploring is the aesthetic of manufacturing and the other is the aesthetic of trees, specifically trees that refuse to die no matter what. Below is a picture of both.

Because I don’t have a mill or other expensive machinery to make these parts in the fashion that they are made, but I still wanted to manufacture something, I decided on a swivel stool for my project. Below is the initial sketches of my swivel stool.

This shows a very linear and concise design and I was wondering how I could achieve this same swivel bar stool function but still have a sort of natural tree design so I came up with the sketch below. The only difference is it seems super hard and expensive to make out of metal.

This shows a much more natural type shaped I just don’t have the tools to do it. I would love to try this in the future.

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