Graphic Pop Art Clock

For my project, I settled on either putting together a clock from scratch parts and materials or taking apart an existing clock and reassembling it while customizing and embellishing it with my graphic pop art that I have made and/or own.

The aesthetic I decided to go with was the graphic pop art aesthetic I explored in my sixth post. This kind of art resonates with me since I was and am an avid comic book and graphic novel reader which has influenced my aesthetic inclinations and how I create art. Graphic pop art can be defined as a multi-colored, high contrast, and semi abstract genre of pop art influenced by graphic design. It also makes use of bold colors that can stand out or even compliment each other. Most of this type of art can be seen on cheap graphic t-shirts as well as psychedelic posters and tapestries. Below are some examples

Source 1

I decided on customizing a clock because I wanted to use the graphic pop art aesthetic on some type of dynamic house or wall décor. I thought it would be interesting to create some kind of decorative graphic pop art object that wasn’t your typical poster or art piece like a painting or mural. I went through many decorative objects and designs and tried to see if any of them were dynamic or could be manipulated to be dynamic in some way. Finally, I realized a clock would be perfect, since they are dynamic moving objects that are used for other purposes than décor, even though they can easily function as such. Below is the clock I plan on using and other wall décor examples I considered.

Source 2

My plan is to take apart this clock and cover the face and base (or edge) with a section of a shirt I have or a poster with graphic pop art. Since the numbers and the minute marks will be covered, I will have to create my own over the art using paint or other materials. Also, since the hands would be a little hard to see, I plan on making it stand out by painting it white with black edges. Below are my plan sketches.

Supplies I have: Staple Gun, Clock, Graphic T-shirts, Screwdriver and other tools

Supplies I need to buy: Clock parts, Graphic art posters, Art supplies, Painting supplies, Clockwork tools.

My Timeline:

Apr 3: Full materials and final clock and art designs

Apr 9: Full disassembly and art is cropped fixated for clock specifications

Apr 16: 90% completed clock that can run as a clock at least

Apr 21: Final tweaks and Final Report



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2: Honeycomb hexagon Wall Decor. (n.d.). Retrieved April 02, 2021, from


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  • Ryan Cochran
    April 5, 2021 12:01 am

    I really like this idea! I think it will look super cool with the shirt as a graphic. I am also wondering about how you can make the clock hands, you could 3D print them or possible get them laser cut. I am excited to see how this will turn out!

  • Brayden Shelley
    April 4, 2021 11:25 pm

    This seems like a nice way to bring the style you like into the clock! Its an interesting idea to use a shirt as the graphic. As you mentioned, the clock hands do seem like they might be hard to see. I wonder if you could design your own custom clock hands (3d printing?) to personalize the clock even further. Maybe even some glow in the dark clock hands would suit the aesthetic.


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