Mural Chair Specifications and Constraints

The Mural chair (adapted from the Robert Van Embriqs chair) has some key features that need to be applied in order for it to properly function. I also have my own constraints witch will make it more difficult to produce these specifications. See below for my top five specifications and top five constraints with the mural chair project:



  1. Comfortable form for one person to sit: This has been taken care of with my design already. Hopefully the physical piece will be comfortable. If not I don’t think its too big of a problem (it is also an art piece), but making or buying a cushion is a possibility for it.
  2. Working overall mechanism which folds from a chair to flat: This is also taken care of mostly with the design. I will have to tweak, sand, and refine my chair to get it to operate in a way I want to.
  3. Graphic Design able to evoke the same aesthetic in both chair and flat form: I still need to develop my design in Illustrator, but the general Idea is there. I think an abstract design will work best as it will maintain its abstractness even when divided up into pieces.
  4. Structurally sturdy construction: Again, this is mostly taken care of in the design, but I have spoken with Josh at the Idea force to source a wood which will be strong enough (both where it interfaces with hardware and when it is sat on).
  5. Carefully sanded edges to minimize pinching: Will be carefully done and I anticipate it to be a lot of work.



  1. Time: The dateline is the 26th (really the 23rd) and I anticipate with my timeline I can get this done, but balancing this with other projects and classes that I have will a challenge.
  2. Material sourcing: I’m leveraging Josh’s connections for wood sourcing and we currently have the stock material in (Baltic Birch Plywood).
  3. Fabrication of parts: Again, I’m using Josh at the Idea Forge mostly for this, but I will most likely be doing final finishing and possibly some drilling of hardware.
  4. Transferring digital art to a physical form: This is somewhat of a difficult constraint. I don’t think that laser engraving is possible given that my chair is to large for the laser cutters. I could print out segments of the design, or project the design onto the wood and trace, but that might be overkill, and I could just free hand it (especially if I’m going for abstract).
  5. Access to tools (wood burner, drills, hammers, etc.): This isn’t too big of an issue as I can rent from the Idea Forge, but having to rent instead of just being able to go in and use tools is somewhat of a pain.


I think that I am on track to finish the chair although the next two weeks will be difficult with a lot of work and time management (with other projects classes).

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  • Brayden Shelley
    April 11, 2021 7:26 pm

    Your 5th spec about not pinching is something I didnt think about when I first saw the design, but that seems like a really important aspect that im glad you brought up and are thinking about! It does seem like that might take quite a bit of work to sand down but I think it will be worth it to have all the pieces smooth. Excited to see how it turns out!

  • Hunter Meissner
    April 11, 2021 1:21 pm

    Hey Josh,

    I think that the specifications and constraints that you identified were great given our pod’s feedback session. Minimizing pinching is an important specification to identify due to safety concerns. One other aspect of your post which got me thinking was the transfer between digital design to physical design. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

    • Yea pinching is definitely an important thing I took from our pod session. The transfer to digital to physical design is still up in the air. I might make a digital design, but also, I might just draw a design straight on the chair from a sketched reference, I’m still thinking about either option.


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