Post 9: Swivel Bar Stool Specifications and Constraints

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently building this swivel bar stool that will be attached to my bar.


  1. Strong – ability to hold 200lb human beings this means the welds have to be sufficient enough.
  2. Ability to swivel without squeaking, thinking bushings.
  3. Fit underneath the bar so we can use the pool table, thinking total hight will be around 20 inches.
  4. No sharp edges – take a grinding wheel and clean everything up
  5. Durable pain coating so it wont rub off after continuous use.



  1. Get all the materials in by hopefully April 9th
  2. Time, will be hard to get everything done in a timely manner
  3. Tolerances, making sure that the actual product is nice and square so that it swings well.
  4. No longer than 28 inches so we can use the pool table.
  5. Color needs to allow it to hide when stored close to the pool table.
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  • Erik Skooglund
    April 11, 2021 11:52 pm

    Hey Peter, great project idea! I think all of your specs / constrains sound reasonable. I am curious, how do you plan on mounting this to the wall/floor? Will you just be tying into a stud, and will this support your 200 lb weight specification?

  • Natalie Jagelski
    April 11, 2021 1:37 pm

    This is a cool project idea! It sounds like you’ve thought through how to handle/meet most of your specs and constraints, which is great. You mentioned time being a constraint – have you created a schedule for when you want to get different things done? How long do you expect construction to take? I’m also curious about what the stool will ultimately mount to. Whatever it’s mounting to likely needs to be pretty strong based on the torque applied when someone’s sitting on the stool. Are there any other specs and constraints around your chosen aesthetic, other than being able to blend in when not in use? Excited to see how this turns out!


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