My Personal Aesthetic

I don’t think I could nail down my personal aesthetic in a few words even if I tried. In fact, I know I couldn’t, otherwise I would have by now. Over the years, I believe my aesthetic has taken aspects from different hobbies and interests I have, including video games, anime, cars, Japanese designs, rock/metal music, and more. I think each of these different aesthetics show up in my personal aesthetic in different ways. For example, my desk is large and has 3 monitors on it, as well as a ps4 and my RGB mouse and keyboard. This aesthetic of RGB equipment, at least among our generation, is one of the surefire signs that someone plays games on a PC rather than a console such as an Xbox or PlayStation. I have always really liked the look of bright colors against black backgrounds, so this style lends itself well to my personal aesthetic.

From Top to Bottom: How to Identify a PC Gamer, An example of what A PC gaming desk setup looks like

Although RGB and gaming equipment is one of the predominant aesthetics of my desk, there are also many other aspects of my desk that reflect my style. I have model cars that sit under my monitors, as well as anime figures that sit on top of the PS4. Above my desk I have multiple posters, some of anime I enjoy and some of cars. All together, one could get a very good idea of my person aesthetic simply by looking at my desk, as I spend so much time here and have really made it a place I enjoy.

A picture of my desk setup

The next set of belongings that best represent my personal aesthetic are my clothes. Just like I spend a lot of time at my desk, I spend a lot of time wearing clothes, so of course I want to wear things that I like the look of. I would say my clothing has been influenced fairly significantly by my interest in punk, rock, and metal music, as a large portion of my wardrobe is black, and many of my old shirts are band shirts. More recently my clothing has been very inspired by Japanese designs and cartoonish art styles, with more color to contrast the black.

A few pieces of clothing I wear regularly

While I do display my personal aesthetic in many different ways, I think these are the two best examples it, as they demonstrate many of my inspiration aesthetics in one area.

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  • Bryce Gallo
    May 2, 2021 9:31 pm

    Hi Thomas, I think being able to express yourself through your RGB is very neat. I unironically think the gamer house in the meme would be cool to live in. Where do you get your clothes with the Japanese on them?

  • Amanda Tetrault
    April 27, 2021 9:17 am

    Hi Thomas,
    Clothes are definitely a way to express your aesthetic style in college. There are few things you are able to modify in an apartment that truly represents your style. I like the way you have made your desk a place you enjoy that has different elements of your style and I think the blue shades of light are really eye-catching.


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