Timeless and Mysterious Puzzle box Aesthetic

I wanted to give my puzzle box a mysterious and timeless aesthetic, I did so by using simple materials found in most eras but also a complex artistic design not only in the wood, but in the shape itself. I wanted my puzzle box to go beyond any sense of time or era, adding to the mysteriousness of the box itself. I used brass and wood to give it an antique feel, but also a modern feel, as these materials have been accessible and exploited for quite some time and I don’t see the use of wood or brass dwindling anytime in the foreseeable future. I gave it a dated spin by the simplistic structure and build of the box itself, but a modern design due to the fact that my puzzle box is a cylinder whereas most puzzle boxes in the past consisted of flat sides. I wanted my puzzle box to move past a construct of time to give it a looming sense of curiosity, and a classic look. I also used curves due to the contour bias and wanting to really exploit the familiarity that comes with curves as it does with classic or timeless items.  Adding to that I wanted to include aspects of my personal aesthetic into the project with a geometric pattern on the top of the box as pictured and a smooth glossy lacquered appearance for the wood.

Of course this isn’t the only aesthetic that I could have went with.  One possible option would have been to embrace the maximalism of Japanese style puzzle boxes and adding a slight twist to it by applying the Art Nouveau aesthetic to the piece with whiplash curves and floral patterns rather than the traditional geometric patterns.


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  • Hello Stephen
    I think your aesthetic is great and it comes with a lot to work with in terms of visual and interactive aesthetics. The timeless feel that stems from the numerous amounts of materials you will use is going to be very impressive when you pull it off. I am looking forward to it!

  • Daedalus Muse
    May 1, 2021 9:26 pm

    Hi Stephen, I like the emphasis on the timeless and mysterious aesthetic that you plan to put into your design. I think this has the potential to really have a personal and special feel to it because of this. The materials you’re choosing also seem to reflect this. The concept of borrowing from many different eras of design is also a nice touch.


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