Aesthetics Exploration – Minimalism

Less is less

This could be a chair, nightstand, table… or just a cube. If you need to ask, maybe minimalism isn’t for you



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  • Reed Beidleman
    February 5, 2023 6:29 pm

    Savage. I feel that many people are familiar with the minimalist aesthetic and so carrying on the tradition of this design style with a post like this is absolutely warranted. I have to say, I was a little curious when and how this aesthetic began and so I did a little bit of my own research but I’m happy this post pushed me to do so. Regarding your example of the cube; does the minimalist aesthetic include the idea that concepts or objects are up for interpretation or are you just highlighting that since the cube is so simple it could constitute for many different objects within the context of this aesthetic?

  • Good post.

  • I really enjoy the way you framed minimalism. As it would be kind of ironic to write a lot of words about it. Personally I enjoy minimalism in moderation or when it is combined with another aesthetic. For example when minimalism is combined with functionality like mid century modern architecture.

    Do you have a favorite work of minimalism or a certain artist that speaks to you?

    • To be honest I find minimalism to be very off putting when it comes to home or residential design; I find it to be too pretentious or functionally lacking to be useful. That said I do enjoy the aesthetic when it comes to industrial or commercial design. I find it’s use to be helpful because it doesn’t confuse persons who are unfamiliar with the space.

  • I have to agree with Rachel and say Bravo for taking minimalism to the entirety of your post, very creative, I wish I had this idea myself. I love minimalism, especially the cleanliness and concision that define it and you reflected that very well here.
    Do you believe that minimalism is limited to certain material? Do materials like ceramics and metals feel more minimal than materials like cardboard or wood?

  • Love how bold you were in taking minimalism to the core of your post. Pretty savage to write 5 words as a play on the word minimalism and it honestly sums up the entire purpose of the post without needing to overexplain it. extra points for the creative take on the aesthetic!! I’m definitely OCD when it comes to cleaning so I would say my home is a very minimalist style because I don’t like clutter.

    Besides the interpretation of a cube you have defined, what do you think are some other features and characteristics involved with minimalist design?


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