Aesthetic Exploration – KidSuper: Colm Dillane’s Whimsical Approach to High Fashion

Colm Dillane began his career in fashion selling t-shirts that he designed to his high school classmates. Not long after, Colm began his undergraduate degree at New York University where he continued to design and create clothes that he sold out of his dorm room. In 2011, during his sophomore year at NYU, Colm founded his current fashion label KidSuper.

KidSuper is Dillane’s attempt at using art and fashion to capture the magic and wonder of childhood. As you can see, many of KidSuper’s designs feature bright playful colors, funky mixed patterns, wonderful hand painted graphics, whimsical characters, and amusing silhouettes. The core influences for the brand include high art, surrealism, and the city of Brooklyn, New York. Within his work, Colm makes it a point to emphasize the importance of having fun and acting on one’s own artistic impulses.

This philosophy is well exemplified in pieces such as the KISSING PUFFER [TRADITIONAL], a design of Dillane’s that recently blew up on social media this past fall. KidSuper’s presence on social media has massively influenced the brand’s success with the brand now touting an Instagram following of 317k. Along with its viral power, KidSuper has received a huge number of influential cosigns throughout recent years including the likes of  Lil Baby, the Migos, Joey Badass, Dominic Fike and Bad Bunny. These endorsements have disseminated KidSuper’s influence in the world of fashion by substantiating the brand’s presence in popular culture.


Based on the amount of attention that KidSuper has been receiving, it was no surprise that Colm was invited to head Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2023 Menswear Collection as their first guest designer for Paris Fashion Week since the passing of Virgil Abloh in 2021. This collaboration has skyrocketed the brand’s status in the world of fashion and has cemented KidSuper as a name to be respected within the industry.

When taking a look at the Louis Vuitton show, it is clear to see that the aesthetic of KidSuper was pervasive throughout the event. From the set design, to the individual pieces, everything had a colorful, child-like flare. In fact, the consistency of the aesthetic is perhaps most apparent in the brand’s collaborations. In these KidSuper x Puma shoes the fundamental elements of KidSuper are clearly evident.

The true extent that this fun new and exciting aesthetic will have on the world of fashion and design is uncertain as it is still in its infancy. However, it is certainly safe to say that Colm Dillane’s novel, fantastical, and unconventional approach to design is a welcome addition to an industry that has historically been dominated by familiar faces.



Then vs Now: Colm Dillane is Reinvigorated By Fashion | News | CFDA

KidSuper x Louis Vuitton: Child Prodigy

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  • Awesome designer story, and some wonderful pieces of art. KidSuper certainly resonates childlike wonder and form over function ideology. I was especially interested by the thick, bright blue laces on Joey Bada$$’s shoes. Do you think this level of form over function fashion is viable for every day wear? Or do you think this type of high fashion should remain in high fashion spheres.

  • Grady Forsyth
    February 2, 2023 8:27 pm

    Hi Hunter,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I have heard of KidSuper but had never done any in depth research on the it’s unique aesthetic. Your observation that the playful colors and patterns give the clothing a youthful feeling is awesome. I liked how you made not of the KidSuper aesthetic crossing over into the Louis Vuitton show. I was curious to know if you had found any designers whose aesthetic was directly influenced by KidSuper?


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