Nature vs Humanity

The aesthetic I will be exploring is the same aesthetic as my first blog post! Depictions of this aesthetic include imagery of nature flourishing despite man-made obstacles – how humanity has abandoned, neglected, or mistreated a space that was once vital to everyday life. This style was popularized by multiple forms of media, ranging from photographs, paintings, films, shows, and video games. As concern for climate change and other environmental impacts grew, it was not uncommon for movies and novels in the early 2000s to depict apocalyptic events in succession to a man-made catalyst, and how these disasters would affect humanity.

I would like to explore this aesthetic further by creating a piece similar to the photos attached, where a very human object is being reclaimed by nature. We see an escalator, a bus, and jets all being swallowed by overgrowth, and I wish to recreated that on a smaller scale. I think it’s a very interesting juxtaposition between the accomplishments of mankind and how irrelevant they are in the face of Mother Nature. Wish me luck!

Photograph of an overgrown escalator by Twitter user @JIYUKENKYU_jp

Photograph of an abandoned bus by Instagram user @justinjenny

Jet Graveyard, posted by Reddit user u/SHeePMaN11

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  • Hey Sam, I think this is a really cool idea, especially with using an old piece of tech. Have you considered trying to allow the plant to grow up through the item that you choose to use? I think it would really add to the idea that the plant and the object are intertwined.

  • Daniel Bojorquez
    February 6, 2023 5:15 pm

    I think this would be a very cool project if im picturing it correct. Are you planning on building a model of a man made structure and covering with foliage or what materials will you “upcycle”? But it should be very cool to see the end results, good luck!

    • I am thinking of upcycling an old piece of technology – something like a VHS player/tape, walkman, or an old TV – and turning it into a pot for plants! Will be consulting friends who have a much greener thumb than me, so that I can make the correct depth for certain plants to thrive. Trying to think of a way to upcycle plants, but for now it might be a trip to Home Depot. Thanks for the good luck, hopefully it turns out how I am picturing it!


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