Upcycling Project Aesthetic: Grenade Moth

It is my plan to incorporate more than one aesthetic into my upcycled project. The main aesthetics I want to incorporate into my upcycle project are ‘dirty’, industrial and arts and crafts aesthetics. Similar to the fly sculpture seen below, I want to make a moth sculpture centered around a decommissioned grenade where the moth looks like it’s flying.

Recycled grenade fly sculpture by Fred Conlon


Decommissioned grenade I have for the project


I have my own decommissioned ‘pineapple’ grenade which will act as the body of a moth. I want to weld metal wings, eyes and other possible features to the grenade to get the moth appearance. The use of scrap metals, and less than pristine welds will give off the ‘dirty’, industrial and arts and crafts aesthetic. This will give off a generally inelegant look. I’d like to contrast the inelegance for the construction of the moth with a more elegant form the moth takes and its positioning.

This is where I’d like to incorporate an aerodynamic/aviation aesthetic to my project. I’d like to simulate a moth that is mid-flight with its wings fully spread out like in the below picture.

Moth spreading out its wings


To take the aviation aesthetic further and give off a more elegant feel, I’d like to incorporate a stand into the project which makes it look like we are seeing a snapshot in time of the moth flying. These types of stands are used extensively for model aircraft. I think these stands add to the overall look and elegance of model aircraft and are much better than simply displaying the model aircraft on its landing gear, or legs in my case. The stand will also follow the industrial aesthetic, unlike the one seen below.

Model aircraft on a stand




Industrial Aesthetic

Metal sculpture – Recycled Grenade Bug Bomb



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  • The combination of several aesthetics in this idea is very creative. Your use of a decommissioned grenade, and the picture you included of a jet displayed in flight, make me imagine this piece will appear almost military in design. I think that idea can be fully reinforced by incorporating symmetry into the pattern of the wings, using matching pairs of parts on either side to emulate precision and functionality with the design. Additionally, I would love to see you include a lightbulb hanging in front of the moth, so it is displayed as if it is being drawn towards the light!


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