Upcycling Aesthetic: Artificial Nature

My upcycling project aesthetic is going to be artificial nature. Artificial nature is the use of man made things that are put together or presented in a way that mimics a part of nature. To do this I am going to be using a variety of recycled/discarded materials to create a bird. I plan on using the different textures and colors of the materials I find to create a somewhat accurate representation. Like the above picture showing artwork by Natsumi Tomita, I plan to use variety in my work.


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  • Hey Jonah, I think this is a cool idea. Using recycled materials to mimic a bird may be complex but if you find the right materials I think it will come out pretty great. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Based on the photos you show are you planning on creating a metallic bird? I do think it creates a cool aesthetic that brings together waste with organic life, kind of like a life-cycle aesthetic.

    • Thanks, Ben.
      I plan on using both metal and cardboard along with other materials. I’m going to try to play with the textures to mimic feathers and the beak and other parts.


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