Upcycle Project Aesthetic: Floral Embroidery

For my upcycle project I want to take an old pair of shoes I have and embroider them with flowers in addition to some other shapes. I though of this aesthetic because I have a shearling jacket I bought from a vintage store with embroidered flowers and I want to put something similar on a pair of shoes. This aesthetic is cool to me because it has a level of detail that I really like that adds color to something traditional and mundane.

Jacket I have:

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  • This is a great idea, it also feels very true to being an upcycle. I would recommend that you look into the clothing brand Bode, they have a unique aesthetic that focuses on handmade crafts, where embroidery is highly used. They do many custom pieces and use many flowers in their designs, you should check them out for some inspiration.

  • The amount of detail this involves will definitely take time and talent! I think its super cool that you have the capability to embroider! I love shoes and usually the ones with designs cost more so the thought to take a basic shoe and visually turn it into a higher end one with floral design is a great thought!

    Does the type of shoe material matter? Maybe it would be difficult to do this on leather shoe so I assume more natural woven materials are a better option (like canvas)?


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