Upcycling Project Aesthetic: Eldritch

I have decided to stick with the Eldritch aesthetic for my first project. My plan is to melt aluminum cans into ingots, then cast those to make a nightmare obelisk (but smaller). Precisely what this will look like, I am not yet sure, but with fire, a 3d printer, and some sand, I should be able to reform the aluminum shown below into whatever I envision.

Below is an AI generated image fed the words nightmare obelisk from the Dream image generator website. While the scale of an obelisk is certainly part of it’s impending nature, I will do my best to capture the same intent in a smaller profile (I have only so many cans to upcycle).



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  • The nightmare obelisk is not a specific reference, but rather a concept I thought may fit such an aesthetic well. Throwing accursed word combinations into the image generator sometimes yielded images that fit what I had in mind, as seen above. The depicted aluminum ingots are simply the muffin stage between used soda cans and incomprehensible horrors, and are not related to the aesthetic. As for surface finishing, I may experiment with electroplating or anodizing, but the raw cast finish may be what I am looking for. I will not know until the casting is complete.

  • Palmer Dick-Montez
    February 12, 2023 4:45 pm

    I think that the incorporation of the Eldritch aesthetic is very interesting, and I am excited to see what the final product looks like! I was wondering if you could elaborate on “nightmare obelisk” a bit more. Is it something that already exists within the Eldritch aesthetic, or was it something that you created with the help of the Dream image generator? I like that you chose cast aluminum as your medium, because it is a common material that many may overlook when thinking of things to upcycle. Do you plan to do any surface finishing after you cast the obelisk to remove some of the texture the sand will impart?

  • Alexander Hernacki
    February 12, 2023 1:41 pm

    I appreciate the inclusion of a reference image for what a nightmare obelisk might look like as this was not something I had heard of before and it helped me to better visualize your project. I am curious why your featured image is the aluminum ingots, do they add something unique to the aesthetic?


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