Upcycling Project – Minimalism

For my upcycle project I am going to be constructing a headset stand inspired by the minimalist aesthetic. Over the years I have seen countless ads for headphone stands on the sidebars of websites I visit, promotions on amazon, and more. I really enjoy having my personal desk/workspace designed to my exact likings, and I very much like the idea of a headphone stand, however I feel like they are always so ugly and offensively colored, with unnecessary technology. The style I always saw them advertised in was always unattractive to me and the main deterrent toward actually purchasing one.

As you can see in these two examples, the most popular options need to be plugged into the wall and often boast flashing LEDs and additional features like the iPhone and apple watch charging pads. This is something I would personally hate to have next to me on my desk, and I believe could benefit massively from a minimalistic redesign.

This is the main reason I am choosing minimalism as my inspiration for this project. Minimalism is something I admire in my workspace, keeping my space neat and void of distractions allows me to focus and complete my work in a much more timely manner. My goal for this project is to construct a headset stand that blends in to my workspace, takes up minimal space, and stores my headset in reach but out of the way. My final product will more closely resemble the two pictures below, the closest available products to my desired design.



Beauties Headphone Stand

Grand Headphone Stand


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  • Abhishek Raut
    April 5, 2023 3:20 am

    Hi Jon
    I guess most of us know the problem with storing our headsets in its own dedicated space, yet being accessible.
    I like that you chose minimalism as your aesthetic. I was wondering, the headphone stand could also save up more space if it could be hung from a desk. In that way, it would still be easily accessible, and wouldn’t take up any of the space on the desk.
    Looking forward to seeing how you move ahead with your design.

  • Hey Jon,

    I absolutely agree with your sentiment about everything having its place in your workspace, in fact my headphones are hanging on their wooden stand right now. I like the idea of minimalism for this project, especially because it seems like everything that has to do with computers has to have RGB LEDs. I just wanted to know where you are going to source your upcycled materials and what type of construction method you are planning on using.


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