Upcycle Project Aesthetic: College Beer Wall

For my Upcycle project I have decided to make a guitar strap out of recycled materials. I have been playing guitar since I was in the fourth grade and I recently have fallen back in love with playing and learning new songs. Therefore, When thinking about my desired aesthetic I knew I wanted to do something that related to guitar. My plan was to attach the finished product to my acoustic guitar, so I began to think of what I associated with acoustic guitar. My brain immediately whet to country music, and behind any good country song is a cheap canned beer.

I want my project to resemble that of a college apartment beer wall. A beer wall is the collection of beer cases, usually 30 can racks, that have been bought by the occupants of a house or apartment. When every beer within the case has been finished, the faces of the box consisting of the logo are then cut out and attached to the wall. Slowly the wall gets covered until you can no longer see the original drywall. The chosen wall is typically the largest wall within the main living area. The wall can even wrap around corners and cover multiple walls.

The wall is a representation all of the time the occupants have spent together. The size of the beer wall grows alongside the relationships of the members within the household, especially if they were strangers when they moved in together. Each beer case has a memory attached to it, whether that be a party or just sitting around and being with the people you care about. It also gives an observer an insight into what kind of beer the occupants enjoy and is a way for the occupants to express their taste. A beer wall is something you are only going to see in a house of college students, so this taste is going to consist of cheap light beers such as Coors Light, Busch Light, or Bud Light to name a few.

Since beer cases come in many different colors, the wall is becomes an amalgamation of bright colored squares. I want to encapsulate this aesthetic by using recycled beer boxes of different products I have used recently and weaving them together to create squares that show parts of company logos. Many beer walls also consists of posters or artwork that is of interest to the occupants. For this I will be looking for boxes with artwork or pictures that draw my interest. My goal in the end is to make this guitar strap my own portable beer wall that resembles me and my taste.

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  • I think it’s super interesting to hear how you recently found an old passion enjoyable again. I believe this kind of pure inspiration/joy allows designers to fully develop whatever process they are trying to work through. You mentioned that these beer walls can be tied to memories and relationships, I’m wondering if there are any specific boxes that relate to you in that way?

    • Great question. A few of the box faces I used in my project were from a Super Bowl party that was at my place. Another was from a rack that my roommates and I bought to play beer die on a warm day recently. These memories will now forever be tied into my project which I think adds to the meaning of the project from an artistic point of view.

  • I really enjoy this idea as I have spent a bit of time playing guitar and pick it up every so often when I’m home. I do wish that I had kept the faces of the racks that I have gotten in the past just to see my change in taste and phases over time. Are you planning on cutting the faces into strips that still resemble the brand of beer? Excited to see the final product!

    • Its always fun to hear that others share the same hobbies as I do! I did end up cutting the boxes into strips and weaving them together to create the strap. When weaving I made sure to keep the logos from the boxes aligned so that the logos would be recognizable.


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