Boro Style Tapestry Progress

So far I have been able to collect all of the materials for the tapestry and determine exactly how I want to go about constructing the piece. I have selected to use mostly darker denim material that I picked up from the thrift store. I have been cutting apart the pairs of jeans along the seams to get 4 panels of material from each pair of jeans. I know I want the piece to be 3′ in height by 5′ in length, and I want to add some tassels along the bottom edge made from cuffs. I am planning on creating a border out of pant legs, with a checkered pattern in the middle. I believe this pattern will work very well with the differing shades of indigo and dark blue that I am using. I am also considering using features from the jeans such as back pockets , belt loops, and zippers to build on the arts and crafts aesthetic. I am also considering adding variety by using a dremel to distress some sections and include flannel material. I am going to sew the piece together using the machines in the idea forge, and use the circular cutting tool on the no slip mat to create the panels.

I have made more progress on how I plan to complete the project. I have determined that I want the tapestry to be 3′ x 5′, and changed up the checkerboard pattern to be less panels. This is because I am going to sew over the base layer to add more details later on. So far I have spent $30 on two pairs of jeans and a flannel I like the pattern of. I am going to sew the flannel material behind the tapestry and use the dremel to wear down the denim so the material shows through. I think that artificially distressing the material will add a worn look, and emphasize the upcycle aesthetic of the project. Here are images of the planned layout and drawing that I used to determine the size of the pieces.


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  • CanadianTuxedoFan499
    February 19, 2023 4:54 pm

    Nice Canadian Tuxedo mural

  • I like your choice of material. I agree that the different shades of blue will look great in a checkerboard pattern. How many pairs of useable jeans were you able to find at the thrift store? Did you have to go to two locations? I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • I honestly wasn’t too picky at the thrift, I just grabbed the two largest pairs I could find and they happened to be a dark wash which is lucky. I had like three old pairs of jeans that don’t get a lot of use anymore so I incorporated those into the project as well. So far, I have only spent $30, which got me two pairs of large jeans and a flannel that I’m going to incorporate later on. My favorite kind of thrift is the arc brand, if you go to Louisville you can hit 3-4 stores in one trip. I try to go most Sundays.

  • Denim is such a good style that is spread across a range of cultures and lifestyles so its cool to see how you will repurpose some Levi’s that a farmer might have worn into Japanese tapestry. I’ve never sewn before so its definitely a cool talent to have.

    If you have any left over materials would you consider creating another piece that is wearable? Perhaps a shirt or throw it back into another pair of pants? I feel like you could definitely sell it to a thrift boutique too. Good luck on the rest!

    • I am planning on using a lot of the extra material like pockets and tags to add some variety later on. However if I have anything left I would like to make some smaller pieces and frame them. I’m not completely sure if I would like this but it’s something I’d have to see to be able to tell. The idea would kind of be a collage of fabrics that focuses on smaller details.


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