Upcycle Progress Report

For this week I continued working on sketching out my plan and actually building some of the smaller, individual components.

I realized that I was adding extra steps for myself with the scotch yoke connected to the right-angle which would then convert into linear motion. I could just connect the yoke directly to the beam.

I also drew out a more concrete sketch of what the backdrop would look like. I will be using paint pens on the whole piece since that is what I have on hand and I still want to commit to not buying any new material.

I also fleshed out designs and mechanical movements of the two clown-figures. Especially their poses, clothing, and joint-work.

When making the pieces out of cardboard, I lined each of the sides with tape, then trimmed it so it could only be seen on the side, this was done to give the cardboard a cleaner look. I made two different sizes of the moon shape because I was unsure which one would look better. The gears are made from the bumpy side of corrugated cardboard and thinner cardboard. The smaller beams are made of layers of thinner cardboard glued together. I originally used superglue but I ran out halfway through so I switched to Elmer’s Glue, which was just as strong, just dried slower.

All images were drawn and taken by me.

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