Upcycle Project Update

My upcycle project is going well and I am making strong progress. I have finished up the CAD model and have created the initial CorelDraws to be able to Laser Cut the cardboard. In addition, I have collected the materials I will be using: cardboard and a ball bearing. My next step will be to laser cut out one of the ferris wheel cabins and the base of the ferris wheel. I would like to test these components and see how they interact with the light switch. 



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  • I love the progress you’ve made on this project! Excellent work on starting with a strong CAD design first before going to work with the physical materials. This piece is not only fun and adorable, but I think it also fits perfectly within the scope of the project requirements and constraints. Excellent work so far, can’t wait to see the final piece! Do you plan to paint the cardboard or keep the natural color?

  • This looks like a fun project! I think the current model matches the aesthetic of your reference postcards well. Do you plan on adding more layers to the ferris wheel cabins? I would love to see several layers comprised of cutouts of people in each of the cabins, and maybe some additional details like doors and ornaments. I think those additions would really create a sense of depth that the postcards convey through their color shading style.


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