Upcycle Progress Report: Articulated Wings

For my Upcycling project, I have decided to use PVC pipes, bolt, nuts & fabric for making articulated wings. So far so long, I have finalized on the all the materials which I will be using to create a budget articulated wings. Although, I was also interested in automation by using stepper motors or pneumatic actuation for unfurling the wings, but for this version of build, I decided to keep it manual for time & resources sake.

Although, I am open to include some 3D printed gears to allow smoother motion of unfurling of the wings, but that depends on progress of the make as I move ahead.

I have been working on conceptualizing the design of wings, made few sketches, looked for inspiration from other sources as long as it can be built from aforementioned materials. I have fixated a design and started procuring process parallely for the materials which I plan to finish in the coming weekend.


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  • That is a genuinely interesting device you have set out to create. I am also wondering what your plans are for the above mentioned manually controlled motion. Are you looking to have cables running throughout, manipulating the wings directly, or something else?

  • Hi Rishabh, this is a great idea for a project. I am curious, did you follow a pattern for the expected motion of the wings? Or did you design one yourself? Regardless, I believe this is a great use of recycled materials and could maybe be incorporated in the a costume in the future.


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