Upcycle Progress Report: Guitar Strap

For my upscale project, I have decided to use beer box faces to create a guitar strap that resembles the look of a college apartment beer wall. So far I have cut up multiple boxes into 1 inch strips. I have weaved them together into a pattern that allows the viewer to be able so see the original face of the box and the company logos.

The overall weaving has the length of my guitars original strap to make sure the strap would fit properly when in use. I added some strips of duct tape to the back to give the weaving the extra support and prevent the weaving from coming undone. I plan on folding the weave to make a 2 inch thick strap and weaving the back side together to avoid using glue and having the aesthetic be prevalent around the piece. From there I need to add the ends that will attach to the guitar and add finishing touches to my pleasing.

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  • Hi Grant,

    It looks like you have spent a lot of careful time assembling your piece, and it shows! The way the logos are still legible, while weaved with other boxes looks great. How do you plan on attaching it to the guitar, grommets in the strap with string? Is there a way to fabricate the connection out of beer boxes alone?


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