Upcycle Progress Report – Keyboard Pixel Art

In terms of progress for my upcycling project, I have acquired the materials I need and selected an image I wish to recreate. My materials for this project are a keyboard (from which the keys will be used as pixels), a background canvas, glue, and possibly paint. I selected a keyboard with an obsolete connection port that can’t be used with modern computers, so it’ll be saved becoming e-waste. The image that I’ll be creating is a small elephant. I selected this in particular because the number of pixels needed to create the most basic form of an elephant is exactly the same as the number of square keys the keyboard I’m recycling contains. I hope that just the outline of the elephant will be clear enough, but if not I’ll also paint the keys to make sure there’s no confusion about what my aesthetic and materials are trying to represent. This weekend, I’ll work on removing all the keys from the keyboard and gluing them on my canvas in the final shape. Next week I’ll finish up my project by possibly painting the keys if I decide that the unpainted keys don’t represent my intended image well.

Keyboard that will be upcycled

Image in Pixel Art aesthetic I’ll be creating



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  • Hi Alexander,

    Perfect design choice, no keyboard keys are going to waste. The use of keyboard keys is definitely going to amplify the Pixel Art aesthetic. I’m curious, do you plan to fully paint the keys? Or just the elephant outline?

  • This is a neat idea, I love pixel art and the elephant design is really cute. I’m curious if it’s possible to eventually make one like this where the keys are rewired so the keyboard is functional? Good idea to use a grey animal for the design so you can preserve the color of the keys.


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