Blog Post 5: Gianna Versace

I admire Gianna Versace for using his own creativity to bring together materials, patterns, and designs to create stunning clothes that were not seen as necessarily fashionable at the time. At the time he began designing, the world considered fashion was minimalistic. I admire Versace staying true to his style and redefining the fashion industry for his time.

Gianna Versace was born in 1946 in Southern Italy. His first collection was launched in Milan Italy in 1978. His iconic fashion pulled from inspiration from the Baroque Period which is known for being expressive and elaborate [3]. Versace used silks, metals, and bright to replicate the art from that period [3].

Princess Diana wearing Versace 1991 [2]

Versace is known for creating style and is known for being glamorous, luxurious, and sexy. He is well known for creations that were eclectic and shameless, causing both rage and love from the public as it was a shift from the neutral and humble fashion of the time.







Andy Warhol Pop Art Dress 1991[3]

He created this brand and aesthetic of eclectic glamor through his use of metals and different materials, while making his clothes symbolic. He always tried to make his designs as elaborate as possible. He took simple suits and dresses and added metals, leathers, pleats, and prints to make a statement in the trends of the time. His focus was on evening wear.

He created this over the top embellishment by covering dresses in sequins, such as this evening dress from Autum-Winter 1995/96. Where he combined vinyl plastic with plastic with beads.


Versace Autumn-Winter 1995/96 [1]

He was known for making sexy dresses with deep necklines and added detail. In this well known dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore to her movie premier, Four Weddings and a Funeral [2]. The beautiful black gown that used bold gold metal safety pins to hold the dress together.


Versace work is one of the reasons Italy became the fashion empire it is today. His work speaks volumes of his personality. The eccentric designs, the energy that he had, and endless creativity. 



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  • Abigail Schefer
    March 21, 2023 8:29 pm

    How much weight do you think named branding holds over a consumer compared to the style or functionality itself?

  • Aryan Gandhi
    March 4, 2023 10:56 pm

    This blog post effectively highlights the unique style and contributions of Gianni Versace in the fashion industry. Your admiration for Versace’s courage and creativity in deviating from the fashion trends of his time is evident, and the post is well-supported by references to Versace’s iconic designs and materials. Overall, this blog post is well-researched, engaging, and informative for anyone interested in the history of fashion.


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