Personal Aesthetic and Main Project Direction

I guess I would describe my personal aesthetic as minimalist and understated. I generally only wear one or two muted colors, preferably without many graphics outside of simple patterns. I avoid wearing logos, text-heavy clothing, and bright colors. I don’t generally have any other adornments except maybe a simple small necklace or bracelet.

I think this is motivated by two things: not wanting to draw attention, and climbing all the time. I’m really not a big fan of crowds, and wearing muted colors without patterns does wonders for not sticking out and being able to navigate crowds without drawing interest. I have to wear bright colors at work to be noticeable and approachable so when I don’t have to for work I prefer to just blend in. As for climbing, I go out to rock or plastic almost every day, and bringing a spare set of clothes everywhere became tiresome so I always wear something I can climb in. That’s typically loose, long, and durable pants and layered shirts and pullovers for different temperatures and exposures.

Can’t say I’m as roguishly handsome as this fella but you get the idea.

My project however is going to be different. I’m making a pair of ice tools, and they don’t need to conform to my desire to be understated and minimal. I certainly want them to be functional, but I think there’s room to make them a bit sculptural as well, and there’s no use in trying not to stick out if you’re waving around two axes and have metal spikes all over your feet.

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