Aesthetic and Project Plan: Minimalist Visuals Installation

As a visual artist and filmmaker, I’ve always had the desire to create a largish installation of some sort. I’ve thought of ways to display video works on a larger scale than just a computer or phone screen. I’ve been fascinated by large led screens like the ones in Times Square or even the CASE building here at CU. I think this is a crazy cool way to display art or moving pictures. It also makes a statement.

LED Visuals Installation

This longtime curiosity led me to determine that I want to create a minimalist projection screen to be used in tandem with visuals I’ve created. Ultimately, forming the installation I’ve long sought to create. I am choosing a minimalist aesthetic for my design because I want the projection screen to serve as the platter for whatever is being displayed. That being said, it’s still important to me for the final product to be a piece of art in and of itself. Minimalism is an aesthetic I’ve always loved and one I feel is achievable.

I’ve done some rough sketching and have an idea of what I want my final design to be. I would like for the projection screen to hang from the ceiling using hooks and stainless steel chains. At first I considered using rope but I feel an industrial chain will have better weight bearing abilities and last longer. Also, I think the colors of stainless steel and light wood will pair well together. That note brings me to the rest of the design. The hanging mechanism will attach into a wood beam. This wood beam will have a thin slit in it where the projection screen material will be inserted. The bottom of the screen will also have a cylindrical beam. I feel that the use of sanded and varnished wood will play into the minimalism aesthetic. A lot of minimalist furniture consists of simple wood designs.

Minimalist Chair

Sketch 1: Design Overview

Sketch 2: Split Room View

Materials Needed

  • Wood beams
  • Wood finishing
  • Stainless steel chains
  • Heavy duty hooks
  • Projection screen material
  • Faux vines
  • LED lights 

*The last two I’m planning to use to add decoration and a bit more aesthetic.

I have been exploring generative art lately. A big part of what I do as an INFO major is code with python and use machine learning algorithms. Ideally I’d like to create a coded art piece to be displayed. This is a lofty goal but one I’m going to strive for.

Generative Art Piece 1

Generative Art Piece 2


Minimalist Chair:

LED Visuals Installation:

Generative Art Piece 1:

Generative Art Piece 2:

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  • Hannah Matthews
    March 13, 2023 5:21 pm

    I love this idea. I find it amazing how you want want to create a minimalistic wood frame with a screen attached to it. The idea of displaying a machined learning algorithm. If you do not go with a machined learning algorithm, what do you plan to display?

  • Reed Beidleman
    March 12, 2023 7:51 pm

    Hi Grady!

    I love the idea you have for this project. I used to be way into projectors, like those mini pocket sized ones you can get for cheap. I never entered the realm of displaying visuals but I can imagine that would look pretty awesome. I can also appreciate having a nice screen to project on because it makes a huge difference. I think the look you will achieve with this design is going to be sweet and it sounds like it will be plenty robust!


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