Hunter Maul – Main Project Plans and Inspirations

When thinking about my personal aesthetic, it is difficult for me to pinpoint one that perfectly describes me. Throughout my life, I have gone through so many different phases where I have been influenced by so many unique things. There have however remained a few constant forces throughout that have influenced me more than others.

One thing that has always had a big impact on me and my design work is nature. Having grown up in Colorado, I spent much of my childhood outdoors exploring the mountains and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I believe that harmony between human beings and the natural world is something that should be strived for and is an integral part of what makes us who we are.

Another design movement that I have always been attracted to is minimalism. I love the simplicity of it, the neat lines, and the peaceful emptiness. There is something so fascinating about stripping something down to its essential elements.

As I explored minimalism further I came across a version that is a bit more extreme in its philosophy and that is brutalism. Where minimalism focuses on only what is necessary, brutalism focuses on absolute bareness. The design movement is often characterized by the showcasing of a building’s structural elements such as steel and concrete.

Somewhere along the road I was introduced to eco-brutalism. This design movement is characterized by the juxtaposition between brutalist structures and natural elements. This aesthetic perfectly embodies the duality of my personal aesthetics, and will likely be the primary aesthetic for my main project.

I am thinking that my main project will be some sort of eco-brutalist piece of furniture or home decor. Some items that I am leaning towards are concrete minimalist chairs, concrete planters, or some sort of sculpture that integrates plants.





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  • Hi Hunter, eco brutalism is one of my favorite aesthetics. With concrete being as heavy as it is, how do you propose overcoming this with building a full scale piece of furniture? I have seen eco brutalism use parts of industrial aesthetic to combine the concrete with metal. This may prove to be a way to preserve the aesthetic while increasing structural integrity and decrease weight of any large artifact you make. I am excited to see what you make and what plants you choose.

  • George Davis
    March 12, 2023 9:47 pm

    Cool aesthetic, I havent heard of eco brutalism but its a good juxtaposition. It could be nice to make a more permanent, public project if you’re going with concrete, like a bench or ledge.


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