Main Project Plan and Inspirations


For my final project, I had a few ideas come to mind when thinking about things I’ve seen recently. The first was while I was at a restaurant in Todos Santos over winter break, and I saw this handmade chandelier out of steel and rope when I looked up. My initial idea for my final project was to create a dynamic rope and steel structure that would spin either individual levels or a single level with a quiet low, power electric motor. My goal for the dynamic portion of the project is for the spinning motion to cause the piece to look like it is rising. The aesthetic I would portray feels “beachy” with white and beach wood colors, and the materials are as if the sun and salt water had slowly taken a toll on them.

For my second idea, I was scrolling through Youtube Shorts and found a video showcasing a mechanically programmed sculpture. It does this using a camshaft that, as it rotates, shifts the pivot point, which then moves the ball bearing. You can adjust the camshaft from there to achieve different ball movement patterns. The aesthetic I would try to go for is a clean monotone mechanism that goes well with the color of the steel ball bearings.

Overall, I believe I will make a stationary sculpture with a motor that spins an element to create dynamic movement. As for the aesthetic that I will achieve, I feel it will be either between “beachy” or monotone and clean-cut.

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  • Hi Hayden, this seems like a really interesting project. I think the idea of mechanical programming is unique. I’m looking forward to seeing it come together!

    • Thanks for the comment, Luke! I do believe the mechanical programming could turn out to be really cool. I just need to design it well, hahaha. I’m currently thinking about how I could mechanical program it to make it visually entertaining. Hope your project ideation turns out well too!


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