Main Project Plans and Inspiration: Saturn V Lego Display

For my final project, I want to build a mount for a Saturn V Lego rocket model. I have recently come into the possession of a 39in tall Lego model of a Saturn V rocket. First I’ll have to build a rocket, but I want to make a stand for it that can hold it upright in the vertical position and that can can keep it secure. To do this I was thinking of making it out of acrylic with supports around the base nozzles and perhaps some sort of the support that runs up the back and has struts coming out the sides too keep the rocket secure especially further up. I was thinking of acrylic since it’s clear so that there’s less of a visual obstruction. Then I want to add some kind of cotton to the bottom of the rocket near the nozzles and have LED lights embedded inside of them. The effect I’m going for is for the lights to make it look like a rocket launch and have it light up red, orange, and yellow. That way it looks like the model rocket is launching.


As for my inspiration, I got it from this photo above. I’ve seen many people create these cool light pieces from covering led light strips with cotton. The effect is really cool as it looks cloudy and smokey, exactly the effect I’m going for. I think that adding it to the bottom would work for a cool effect as I’ve always found this style of decor to look really interesting and atmospheric. To make it dynamic, I was hoping to have the lights flash and and flicker or have some sort of color changing effect. I would love to be able to program a little Arduino or Raspberry Pi to make the lights flicker to add to the effect, and potentially even have it all hooked up to a speaker so that the lights can match the sounds. This might be something beyond my skill level but I would still like to try it and see where I can get with it. It would really add to the dynamic nature of this. I think that the aesthetic of this would be home made arts and crafts, maybe a touch of neon and LED light aesthetic? I’m not too sure truth be told.

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  • I’ve loved Legos since I was a kid, and I still get Lego sets to build and display them, so I’m excited to see how this project turns out; maybe I’ll even try something like this.

    Also, you can use ChatGPT to write code for you; all you have to do is ask it to do something specific for an Arduino and it’ll write everything for you. Sometimes, however, it’ll make a mistake, so it’s good to still look stuff up yourself. There are many resources online on how to do what you’re doing specifically, so you can even just find something and copy it.

  • Jose Salgado
    March 13, 2023 7:18 pm

    What an ambitious idea! You’re excitement about this lubricious rocket has me quite envious of your gusto. Be cautious about stepping on those nefarious Lego bricks. Were shall you display this precious, ostentatious artifact.

  • Hey Cody!
    Goodness Gracious!! You have 39in tall Lego model of a Saturn V rocket!
    Ah, that’s my favorite rocket. I love what you are doing with this & setting up your room aesthetic. I can’t wait to see this & maybe recreate it for my room in near future – I had some plans of doing something similar & watch Apollo 13 on projector with all this setup, though I don’t have Saturn V lego yet 🙂
    It would be awesome if you can patch LEDs blinking with music/sound beats, that would be the coolest part.

    All the best!

  • Hi Cody, this brings me back to when I would work on legos after school. I’m a bit jealous of you for being able to get the Saturn V model, as I’ve always wanted to build it. A cool thing you could do to add to your project presentation would be a timelapse of you building the lego model. I also wonder if there is a way to add lights to the inside of the engines with an orange filter to simulate the engines firing. I’m excited to see how this project turns out!


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