Chopper risers and electrical covers

Thats me in my daily outfit, I’ve worn those jeans nearly every day for a year, put a white t shirt on top and you’ve got George. I’ll call my personal aesthetic a mix of DIY and classic. I like things that are tried and true, but also leave room for expression and individual freedom. I like old school tattoos, motorcycles, and music. Anything that’s a little punk rock.

For my final project I’ll try to bring those characteristics to a few products for my bike. I’ve been adding to it over the past year and have a few things that I want to tackle. I’ll try to make new things while elevating and preserving the existing aesthetic of the build. Its pretty intentionally crusty, so the pieces will be bare steel, left to rust like the tank and handlebars. First I think I want to turn some risers on the lathe, the ones I have now are stripped and I’d like to not die.

So maybe some stuff like this (but not chrome). Next I need electrical covers, these would replace the black plastic piece under the seat. For these I want to do some more DIY sheet metal work to mimic the hammered dents on the tank. I could try to make some vents with a dremel and a mallet. I’ll do it pretty rough, maybe add some purple accents. Theres a few more miscellaneous things I might make too, but they don’t affect the overall aesthetic much.

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  • Hey George, I am a fan of your aesthetic, and we often wear matching outfits I guess. Your bike looks super cool, and is totally a “little bit punk rock”. You should spray your pieces with salt water and leave them outside if you want to make them rusty.

    • Absolutely awesome looking bike! I’m curious about how much of this bike was DIY. Did you build it from the ground up? Looks great, and I’m looking forward to seeing your new additions.

    • George Davis
      March 15, 2023 9:42 am

      Salt water could be good, I’ve seen people soak it in coke as well. Wanting the rust to naturally form. Right now I’m getting a line going across the tank from the master cylinder leaking, a pattern you can’t fake.


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