Main Project Plans : Modern Light Fixture

For my main project, I plan to create a lighting stand with modern influences and characteristics. I found inspiration online through different lighting fixtures and would ideally like to recreate one of the designs below.

I believe these designs all encompass modern characteristics like sleek and clean surfaces and metal materials. As this project and item need to be dynamic, I would really like to make the light functional and even place it in my living room if it turns out how I envision it. I think creating a light fixture like the middle image above would be really unique. The gold fixture above uses a rope as the medium for the light to move through and creating a piece that is flexible on top of a sleek-looking stand would definitely fix the modern aesthetic. I am not sure how easy this process will be so I also am interested in creating a fixed-light stand as seen in the two side images above. The first one really stuck with me for its simplicity yet dynamics because of the way the steel arms are reaching up, diagonally past each one. I think that either design I may pursue will end up fitting the modernist aesthetic and I am just hoping that I will be able to create something that lights up!


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  • Great idea! Somewhat lofty goal, and it would be impressive if you could create something even resembling the examples you gave. Would you attempt to have the fixture hanging, wall mounted, or designed to be sat on a table/desk.

  • Really like the influence examples. It would be cool if the light system was portable and easy to bring with you when you move!


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