Main Project plans and inspirations – Modular Wireless Charger

I’ll be making a modular wireless charging platform. I’m disappointed at the current solutions for charging docks, and I’d like a way to modularly swap out pieces to mount any phone on any surface.

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  • I love the idea of making an existing product better serve you better. This is also a great idea. I have wireless charger, but sitting flat on a table can only work in so many spots. Having an adaptable version is great. Do you plan to have it be one-size-fits-all, specific to your phone?

    • Since the phone interface is modular, it should be able to be replaced with the perfect size/design for your phone without swapping the electronics or mount!
      I’m hoping to make the file parametric specifically for phone size, and also put the necessary interfaces between parts in the documentation so anybody can make their own variations on the design.
      Looking forward to using this myself!


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