Main Project Plans and Inspirations

For my own personal aesthetic, I have had considerable trouble trying to figure it out and decide. However, I have always been interested in two major themes: organic architecture and engineering. I have always been interested in these 2 topics and a while ago I discovered kinetic sculptures. One of my favorite artists is Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist famous for making Strandbeest. “Theo Jansen is engaged in creating new forms of life: the so-called strandbeests. Skeletons made from yellow plastic tube (Dutch electricity pipe) are able to walk and get their energy from the wind” [1].

The plan for the project is to create a strandbeest of my design. Instead of the materials of traditional strandbeest, I will be using a 3D printer, most likely using PLA as the main material. It will be far smaller than the beach versions, probably the size of a small dog/cat.

Here is the link for his website if you want to see his designs as well as the evolutions of the strandbeest:

Also, a good YouTube video that shows the evolution of his designs can be found here:


[1] Jansen, Theo. StrandBeest, Accessed 10 Mar. 2023.

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