My Aesthetics and A Sci-Fi inspired small robot.

I have been always gravitated towards the good old Sci- Fi stories be it classic books or movies; I loved the future robots depictions and their transformative roles in human life. And at some point when I was old enough to understand that however afraid we (humans) are of robots running the world – they are indeed inevitable to the part of our human civilization evolution. Growing up reading sci-fi books like I, Robot by Isaac Asimov; 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc has been pretty cool and often pushed me towards inspiring future where humans and robots work & live in harmony.

In recent years, I have developed lot of pure hardware or pure software things. So, I was thinking of doing something with combination of Hardware and software along with sci-fi aesthetic involved in there. Such projects has been on my to-do list for quite sometime but I didn’t get around to it until recently so I thought let’s give it a try as my main project here.

I wanted to build something with combination of art & science in sort of equal proportions.

However, I do want to create a full blown human size dynamic robot of my own design (I did have few designs up my sleeves) – it is not feasible to do it as course part due to limited time & resources.

But, I guess nothing stop me from building a small robot artifact where I can focus more on aesthetic & design rather than complex control schemes to enable it to do fancy tasks right now.

So, As per feasibility and availability of time & resources – I have decide to give try to  build a small robot using basic microcontrollers to give it some dynamic movement – I’ll try to keep this part as simple as possible as cost of these components surges drastically.

Also, for robot body – I would ideally love a Stainless steel finish or rugged metal finish but again due to resources I might choose to 3D print plastic body parts.  Nonetheless, the concept is pretty much open for now as I try to work basic initial designs as per resources & time before I decide exact procedures I might follow.

I might keep my baseline as simple looking as something similar to shown below which is Otto Robot, which looks cute & feasible for now.

But as we go along  project might evolve a lot when I work out details.


Image References –

  2. Wall E Robot – (Image credit: Disney /Pixar)
  3. BB8 robot and R2-D2 robots – Start Wars Pictures.
  4. Love, Death and Robots – Netflix (Featured Image)
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  • Hi Rishabh,
    Really enjoyed your post, the idea you chose is really cool. Really excited to see how your project will turn out like. I’m curious to see how you will incorporate the movements for the robot, do you have anything in mind yet?

  • Heider Iacometti
    March 12, 2023 7:29 pm

    Love death and Robots, nice that’s an interesting show. I like this idea, I think it’s cool and I know that you’re decreasing the functionality for cost purposes, but I also think that’s a good decision for feasibility purposes as well. I don’t think you’d have time to create an exceptionally dynamic robot, regardless of budget at this moment. I’m excited to see more.


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